Your near perfect customer has a favorite hang out. When you understand this, you can describe your marketing strategy on your feet.

Understanding customer behaviour online.

1. Needs to see you more than 9 times before they make a purchase from you. Select platforms your ideal customers hang out.

2. Abandoned baskets. Retarget that customer. Notice Amazon’s clever marketing. Keeps in touch with you on a regular basis.

3. Loves community. Wants questions answered without the pressure to buy. Huge brands understand this. If I search a question and find the answer that solves my problem, ¬†guess where I’ll keep going back to? You guessed it. Q and A sites are perfect for finding your ideal customers. Solve problems and they will find you.

4. Build trust first. Relationships take time. You are solving a customer’s pressing need or long term need. That is your positioning.

5. Company culture. Customer Service. Do customers feel they can return a product without backlash? Once is enough and they will not return. Except they do not have any other option.

6. Time zones. Create regular blogs more than twice per week.  Share these on all social media channels, and via email. Companies that blog regularly find an increase in traffic. Learn how to create blogs that grow traffic on Problogger here

7. Host online events, on your preferred platform.

8. Host webinars around your industry.

9. Create a podcast that talks about the solutions your business provides.

Over to you did I miss any that can grow your business? I forgot to mention, timely crafted articles go viral and that’s a post for another day.


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