Most of our personal development comes from unlearning stuff. Stuff that’s not helpful to your creativity. Stuff that is not in any way helpful to our personal development. Standing up for yourself is great fun the first time you do it. Growing in confidence then becomes a necessity. Owning your personal growth is the only option.

It is not what others say about you that holds you back, it is what you believe about who you were created to be.

That negative self talk is a hindrance to what you really want out of life. If only my boss could give me more opportunities….if only she would accept me…if they would acknowledge me…What we all need is always deep within, within our reach our grasp we only need someone to shed some light on it.

A good coach can help you see that.  Sign up to my newsletter today so as not to miss some fun tid bits and stories to help you make the transition you know you have to make. See you on the other side.


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