30 ways to create a more desirable life-your dream life.


1. Walk away from ‘noise’ and take time on a daily basis to journal be quiet and listen to your  own thoughts.  Take time to just be alone and enjoy your own space.

2. Create a sleep diary to understand how well you’re actually  sleeping. Most of us will do so much better in the day because we get enough sleep.  If you have any prior sleep disorders seek a specialist early not too late.

3. Take a blank sheet of paper and write down things that scare you. Hobbies you would like to try out but feel you’re too old to do them or you haven’t got the time to do them. This is your personal bucket list.  You will feel like a champion for each that you overcome.

4. Call friends who make you laugh on a regular basis, make time to hang out. Laughter cures a lot of ills.

5. Change your route to work, college or school. Helps to break patterns and makes life more interesting.

6. Explore your career options, you are not fated to end up with a job you hate.

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7. Decide on a life make over, by investing in you. Don’t wait until you’re fired or lose your job because of a company bankruptcy or reasons outside your control. I think we should have more than 3 career options at any one time. You will never feel stuck again.

8. Forgive people quickly. This helps you not turn out like them. It’s a divine principle.

9. Check up on elderly family members. Go out of your way to do something small for them. Great for the soul.

10. Accept the end of relationships with gusto. Allow yourself to feel the end and rise up from it into better. Many times we are protected from people who will destroy the great future that awaits us.

11. Start a new hobby. Learn to love becoming an amateur looking hopeless and without a clue. It can be quite charming. You might just attract the love of your life.

12. Avoid going on the same holiday like a plague. You never learn anything new from revisiting the same places. The whole point of a holiday is to discover something new, refresh our minds body and soul. We grow from challenging  our limits and step out of our comfort zone. I would like to visit Belarus, just because of how the name sounds. Too much research will kill off any desire to explore.

13. Love your personal style with no apology. For some reason we frown on those who choose to explore a more interesting life silenting wishing we could. That’s the thing, we can. Just demansds a bit of personal attention. Study if you are busy trying to be someone else. Study who you admire the most. Read how to coach your way to where you want to be, say yes.

14. Disable notifications on your phone. You don’t really need to know what everyone is up to and who likes you or doesn’t.  You could gain more time by reading or watching a video or talking to real people about an interesting documentary or discovery.

15. Go to shops you’ve never been to. Yes the one’s you think you cannot afford. My son shocked me one day and said let’s go and sit in that luxury car you like. Worse the shop was closed, but some nice gentlemen in the shop opened the shutters when my son knocked on the glass. A red Ferrari. It was the most amazing feeling so much fun. What’s your dream car by the way.

16. Drink lots of water. Keeps you hydrated and helps with clear thinking.

17. Read science articles. Here are

18. Read Health journals on preventative medicine. Helps take better care of ourselves when you read about diseases we can avoid just by changing our lifestyles.

18. Start an online course just for fun.

19. Send a surprise gift to someone who doesn’t like you with no return address. If only you could see their faces. Make sure it’s a meaningful gift.

20. It’s okay not to know what to do. Rome was not built in a single day, nor will your dream life. You may encounter some set backs but you can create a different plan around the set backs and get on your way.

21. Learn a new language. List the countries you would like to visit and there you have your check list.

22. Redesign your living space. Get as creative as you want, let your living space inspire you, give to charity all the things you no longer need and sell some online if you like.

23. Create a new story that reflects the person you’re becoming. None of us can stay in the past of things we did or did not do, we only have today and this is our new opportunity.

24. Say yes to opportunities disguised as obstacles.

25. Acknowledge your personal power to recreate and redesign the life of your dreams. The US are going through election season, but it does not matter who the president is if you are not the president of your own life. Food for thought.

26. Build your wealth. No rush. Take time, avoid quick solutions like the plague. Patience is potent.

27. Create your dream life vision board on your desktop.  Look out for my guide on what you can include to live your dream life and a simple road map.

28. Create a daily planner, look out for my new Ebook, Breakaway, how to get your dream life on track.

29. Identify your energy drainers. Slay your dragons before you start your day. Choose your most dominant thought when you start your day. You don’t have to follow every mood that hits you. Flow in the other direction.

30.Get a mentor or life coach, accountability is a powerful thing. Helps you stay on track.

I do personal life coaching to help those who want to reach their desired goals with weekly virtual and phone meetings. You can enter your details here and we can start working  on your goals. Free initial consultation. Thanks for reading and be sure to add your comments below add tips that work for you, for all of us to add.