9 ways to step into a new career and job hunting tips.


At this time of year, you are thinking of the year ahead, what does it have in store for you, what do you hope to achieve out of it. A fresh start brings a welcome change, a necessary change sometimes. As I look ahead I think what changes do I need to change? I was looking at my twitter account and notice a sharp drop in followers. I have decided to make some changes, walking away from what is not working and stepping into a whole new adventure.  This is no longer frightening for me, I have done this several times. Life is about constant change even when we’re not ready for it. It is not always summer we already know that, so how do we navigate change, how do you step into a new career when the only one you know is your comfortable zone? It also means how do you look at the career now with different eyes?  Here are 9 ways to step out of the old and into the new.

1.Become Proactive. Set the tone for your day, set your mood regardless of the weather. I find I have to get my energy levels up early in the day, otherwise my day goes any which way, and  I can’t stand that. It changes my mood and how  I see the day and how to face unexpected surprises. In short I set the tone for the day. Not always easy but depending on changes I need to make that works well.

2.Update your career profile. Get expert help in updating your CV. Think of the things you enjoy doing the most in your current work. How can you shift gears and become better or smarter. Take a blank sheet of paper and write down all the things you like most. Not what you hate. Arrange a meeting with your manager, to do a career development profile. Ask them you  would like an informal assessment on your work performance. Then schedule another meeting after that for progress feedback give them a minimum of six months. Be ready to hear the negative ask for explanations otherwise you will not know what needs to change.

3. Take initiative. Customer complaints in your company are not the prettiest but the best place to uncover how things can be done way better. Give recommendations on how things can be done from your own personal experience. Customer service is huge, the costs affect all of us even if you are not the manager. Look at the cost of poor customer service here.

4. Explore other career interests by searching online. Ask questions in forums like Quora, do some fact-finding in your area or nearest city. Search on sites like Indeed.com to know which jobs are in high demand. Go all out give yourself the freedom to think clear. You might want to keep it quiet before you tell everyone else, your new mission. Others will probably only tell you what they see about you not your true potential. Study local companies that are hiring. Get proactive and go to the company  if you will, in person I hear you’re hiring, I just wanted to have a look around and see what it’s like to work here to see if I would fit in.

5.Upgrade your current job.      Get ready mentally for the change see yourself in the new job. Do your homework what does someone in a senior role do ask for openings coming up any vacancies. Then go ahead and ask for promotion based on the evidence of how your work and changes you’ve made that have improved working conditions. Highlight your people skills a critical aspect of leadership in any role. Show how you help others become better or smarter workers. If this is not possible now, consider changing work hours. Apply for flexible work hours in the job you already have to fit with your family, know your legal rights. Look in more detail here

6. Explore Freelance work and Social Media to navigate into your chosen career path.  Consider doing social media marketing for busy self employed business owners. Learn how social media platforms  work. Explore the guides on each platform. Understand visibility on Instagram Pinterest, Twitter, Google plus, Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube and more. You can find freelance work that works and pays well from lots of good sites. Some are not so good, but here are some great sites with current listings at the time of posting this blog:

The Guardian   Entrepreneur.com Freelance Writing Gigs 

7. Mindset Shift. The growth mindset means you give yourself permission to fail fast and quickly, learning along the way, getting wiser and smarter.  Change means not knowing how everything will turn out which is actually a good thing. Imagine getting to work knowing you might have an accident, that does not stop you. You still get up not knowing what you may encounter en route.  Determination to arrive at your chosen destination is all that counts.

8. Dress up for your new role. Walk the talk. What is the lifestyle of (fill in the blanks). It gets really personal. An entrepreneur who wants to be successful in business knows full well if he doesn’t make some changes, he will end up on the failed pile. I’m not talking about ‘players’, no the ones who will do whatever it takes, these are the kind that will go all the way. When I had to relocate thousands of miles I knew what I was going to lose, but what I was going to gain was far better.

9. Get ready. Supercharge your efforts doing whatever it takes. Resilience is going to be a part of it. Good weather, bad and all in between. You will face some challenges, you might hear you can’t do it. Do you choose someone else’s opinion or do you think you can? After all it’s our self talk that takes us into a life we only dream of. Now go and get what you really want and have fun along the way.

How do you make changes in your career what have you found helps you the most.


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