It’s all in the preparation. Getting ready. None of us would dare cook any kind of food including as simple as boiling an egg, without getting the eggs from your favourite supermarket. Exploring is fun just like going to a different or completely out of your type of holiday, will stretch your imagination and see how the other side exist.

Think about this for minute. Imagine working in the hospital as a registered nurse, and taking a day to find out what life is like for a driver, or a property manager. How do you even consider doing something different so you never feel stuck in the job you have? Some research was done, that revealed most people would enjoy their job better including working harder if only they could get on  with their supervisor or manager. I was grateful for the options my nursing years gave me. If work in a certain department of the hospital was becoming mundane, or lack of opportunities to grow, I would move on into another section. It would just take a month of switching and that was it.  Other’s choose to work in the same department for years and that is okay. It’s a personal preference.

What about you? Do you want to explore your career options a bit more? According to, these are the industries in which you can find work in the United Kingdom right now. These 13 include working in:

  1. Construction.
  2. Real Estate
  3. Media
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Transportation
  6. Information Technology
  7. Healthcare
  8. Hospitality
  9. Accounting
  10. Financial Services and Banking
  11. Education
  12. Human Resources
  13. Retail.

I was thinking if I was to do something easy not too stressful on my current lifestyle, where would I want to switch to? Here are the companies hiring now (partial list) Regardless of the type of work you switch into, the willingness to learn, adapt, get back to college, get some coaching, take on classes to acquire the skills you need, is the only way to be successful at your new venture. Consider driving. You can earn up to £900 weekly, doing multi drops and you don’t even need your own van. Get on a payment plan for one of these vans, or start your own delivery company. Competition may be tough, but did that deter Uber? Consider serviced apartments and Air bnb though we have so many hotels all around the world? All you need is to study how to do things differently, is there adequate business in the gap? Avoid the mistake of launching just because there’s a gap in the market. There could be enough reasons why no one else has ventured in.

How do you switch into a career that you have never had any training in? Get ready for it. Preparation. Commit the time and resources you need to so you can make the transition without too much pressure on your current lifestyle. Some chase a quick rich get some money in quickly but I know reading this you want a way to change your current lifestyle to a completely new one.

You can learn whatever you need to in preparation for your change by talking to anyone you know who works in the industry. Try and get different points of view because we all generally look from our own point of view. Some hate simple driving and doing deliveries, another loves it and would do it for life. The whole idea is just get ready. Commit to the training and jump right in. The fastest and easiest way is to recognise the skills you’ve already acquired at this point and see how they would transfer to another career. I know ex nurses who switch into new careers. I thought it would be tough but it’s not that hard when the mind is willing to switch. In my nursing years I worked in various specialities, and have now done small business, coaching and writing. Was it easy, not as I would have wanted and learnt a lot along the way. The number one lesson I learnt was it’s all about your mindset. The willingness to start at beginner level and grow into your new adventure. Here are three tips:

  1. Discover professional organisations in your industry of choice, learn and sign up. Gather your information checking out useful websites and  take notes. Make phone calls, get proactive regardless of how those feelings want to keep you feeling down. Understand all the legal requirements. If you choose to start your own business, know the legal requirements in your region or country.
  2.  Understand the training requirements, how long it will take you. I know a nurse who started nurse training at 50 years old, completed and now works as a full-time nurse. A surgeon gave up his practice to start a beauty practice, people switch careers all the time.
  3. Understand the road map, anticipate problems, life events etc. Build some part-time income to pay your bills if you really have to get away from your current job. If you have a family to support, rally the troops see how everyone can pitch in. Kids have amazing ability to support parents and do what they can to cut back on expenses while you make the changes. Look out for a blog post on how to venture into online marketing, social media marketing, working from home and more. Take your career onto another adventure by signing up here.

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