It looks exciting to appear super busy taking every phone call, answering every email, going to every conference you’re invited to, but we need to remind ourselves not all activity is productive nor profitable. When I worked in healthcare as a registered nurse I saw many go through the doors wishing they had spent more time resting and taking care of their bodies.  Some things cannot be helped family emergencies, the consequence of wrong decisions, and a myriad of other events that we have no control over. What we can do is manage our stress levels to the best of our ability by choosing to live healthy lifestyles.

Here are 7 ways that help to break negative health habits:

1. Learning. Prevention is better than cure. Understand the risk factors of preventable heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, and others. Sign up for weekly updates on which these are.

2. Develop a physical activity program that works as  part of your lifestyle. Cycling to work, walking, running, regular aerobics. The idea is to implement one that you will continue for months, you stop counting.

3. Choose to manage stress differently. Observe your triggers and start doing the complete opposite of what you’ve done before. Read the Harvard article and research here for more updates and scientific study.

4. Choose positive self talk in spite of what negative thoughts come streaming through your mind. Choose the good throw out the ones that are harmful to your self esteem and well-being.

5. Rearrange your sleeping environment to become a sleep sanctuary.

6. Sign up for a health and wellness program that gives you a radical life style change incorporated into your routine gradually.  You can register for my  Health and Wellness 45 day program here.

7.Create healthy boundaries with relationships that are challenging, seek the support of family members to help you navigate this.

I created this 45 Day Healthy Living Program from my years of working in health care, reading and keeping up to date with science and research.  You can register here with a full Money Back Guarantee for any reason if you’re not happy with the program.



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