A beginners guide to selling on ebay and how to find best selling items fast in under 15 minutes.

You want to get rid of items and start rearranging your home to match the new season. You have tons of unused stuff in the basement or garage you have not used in months or years.  Weirdly did you know stuff we put off occupies mental space? Wonder why we put off doing some things that we are not ready to sort out? I will be your gentle guide/mentor to help you face those ‘things’ and sell them off or give them away. I know reading this you already know about ebay but not sure you have time.

With only 30 minutes each day, you can start selling items you no longer need and make some extra gift buying money.

I sell on ebay every now and again when I’m clearing out to make way for new things. Items you no longer need that just take up space. Items you will never get to sort through, is best given away to charity or sold on ebay. Ebay is now currently active in over 18 countries. I know getting organised can be quite the challenge but with this simple step by step guide, you will hopefully find it easy to get rid of stuff you no longer need.

If you want to make some serious income from ebay, you will find some nuggets here to help you out.  Don’t waste your time with items no one wants right now whenever you’re reading this. Some items are seasonal and it’s best to get rid of them then, when someone actually wants to buy them.  You don’t want to be paying ebay fees for items that don’t sell over and over again.  Register here for my free weekly work from home Newsletter for busy lives.


EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  Laptop/Desktop PC, Smartphone, Packaging, Delivery company/Royal Mail, Labels home made/purchased


Whatever you want to sell right now must fit nicely in these categories, some things are not allowed for good reason.  Here is the list:

Antiques, Art, Baby, Books/Comics, Magazine, Business, Office, Industrial,

Cameras, Photography, Cars, Motorcycle, Clothes, Shoes, Accessories, Coins, Collectables, Computers, Tablets, Crafts

Dolls, Bears, DVD’s, Films, TV, Events, Tickets, Garden, Patio, Health, Beauty, Holidays, Travel, Home, Furniture, DIY, Jewellery, Watches, Mobile Phones

Music, Musical Instruments, Pet Supplies, Pottery, Porcelain, Glass, Property, Sound and Vision, Sporting Goods, Sports Memoribilia, Stamps, Toys, Games

Vehicle Parts, Accessories, Video Games, Consoles, Wholesale, Job Lots including everything else.



This one should not really matter, as long as you schedule to have them live mid-week and on a Thursday evening around 5pm here in the UK. The reason for that is that is when most people are home from work, and will have time to look for their favourite items. And you want your sale listing to end when people are actually awake to follow through their sale. Of course not everyone acts on the end of sale immediately.

There is a system of knowing which items are popular which I do in an email course for my readers. Don’t forget to fill in the form above so you don’t miss any updates. If you have any concerns with your listings I can help you with that. If you don’t have time to sort out your listings I can help with that, you just need to sign up for my course first. Next plan of attack:


One of the mistakes I made was to use Royal Mail most of the time and did not have another company to work with. Here are a few companies you can use to make sure your items are delivered on time. I will give you the most important reason why you don’t want your items lost in transit and never arriving at the intended destination.

Parcel2GO https://www.parcel2go.com/

myhermes https://www.myhermes.co.uk/

Parcelforce  http://www.parcelforce.com/sending-parcel/courier-services

Yodel Direct https://www.yodeldirect.co.uk/

Delivery Companies in the UK QUOTES https://www.deliveryquotecompare.com/

Make sure to get the best quotes for each of these companies and find the one that suits your budget.  You can also use Royal Mail, I prefer signed on delivery for expensive items  http://www.royalmail.com/


You want all your items delivered on time and in the most attractive or safely packaged wrapping. If you want to use ebay to learn about customer service and grow your business this is a perfect place to start including Shopify.  You want great feedback from customers and keep it at a 100%. Sometimes something happens out of your control, respond to customers early within 24 hours is my advice.  Stand out by offering free postage on your least expensive items, to cover your own expenses. Get the ebay fee calculator on ebay itself or sign up to my free email course online.


If you have not received payment from a won auction of Buy it Now item, send a reminder a couple of hours later for late payers. After that when item is sent, let them know and remind them to leave you feedback. Helps others know what it’s like doing business with you, like a reference.

INCLUDE A BUSINESS CARD If you are planning to grow your business from Ebay Amazon and Etsy, in all the items you dispatch, stay connected as those who buy from you a more likely to buy from you again, according to the experience they get by working with you.

15 Minute Hunt, saved the best till last.

Get to the site below and go to the category your item would come under when you want to sell it.  You have other items of interest to sell, go to that category. See how many people are watching that item(Watchcount). That gives you an indication of how much interest is in your item. Here is the site

There you have it. Make life better and get on with simpler easier ways of decluttering your home/office/work space by selling on Ebay, or sending off to charity shops in your city. Learn how to list your items, so they actually sell by signing up to my free email course here:


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