I really had no idea about church and what it means to start a new life in Christ Mostly I heard about going to church, listening to the preacher, and living a good life. I did not hear much about what to do when things don’t go according to plan and how to build up your faith. I heard you could only understand the bible if you were trained for many years. I did want to learn but kept putting it off because I never seemed to find the time to go for ‘training’.

I was trained to plan everything out every detail. Except the journey of faith is a journey of not always knowing how things will turn out but having faith to move forward nonetheless. It’s not easy to move from a familiar surrounding and start work in another city or country. Like Abraham we all have to grow in our journey of faith in the process getting to learn who God the Father is, how He works with each of us individually and collectively training us to get to know Him in ways we have never known before. How to view life from His point of view. Do you ever feel, He doesn’t know what it’s like to live here on earth? He did He came as a human, born in the worst place possible for one from a royal blood line(Mathew 1) Yet He did.  He has a way of helping us navigate the journey of life and trust that He knows what’s best when we think it should be the other way round.

So this week, let go and let God. Rejoice in whatever circumstances you find yourself in because in all things, God works everything out for our good(Romans 8) and His maximum glory.  Right now some US citizens are upset at who is now the US President. Many were praying many were not. Either way, we can all pray for Him now that He makes great decisions that are fair for every american and all the nations that america does business with. We can’t see all that happens behind the scenes but we can pray for great decisions behind the scenes that make life better for all. We can also continue to empower ourselves in our own skills to contribute to the good of mankind wherever we are in the world.  Do you have any thoughts to add, please share.


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