How to make life better for the elderly in our communities. Teaching Program.

Hello friend. Yet another day you’re coming home late, the kids are already in bed, and your significant other seems like a long-lost friend. You have struggled to find time to really catch up in weeks.  You miss the times you spent together and now life has got in the way. While they’re speaking to you, you find yourself drifting into slumberland.



It’s 0500am in the morning, and you’re not even sure how you got here. When did you get to bed, you don’t even remember. You’ve been on autopilot for months.

You see friend I know what that feels and sounds like. With a limited skill set you wonder how can I change this routine? How can I spend more time with my family?

I want to introduce to you providing elderly care in your community. Though not for everyone it provides you with a way to give back to the community. Taking care of the elderly requires heart and a commitment to do so. However it also provides you with the lifestyle  you need. Let me explain.

You can start providing this service in as little as 12 weeks. The demand for elderly care services will continue to rise. These are the predictions…..

You work according to the hours you choose.  Your normal day will include among other things,  doing some marketing and responding to enquiries.  You will create a planner for each of these clients to make sure you are providing a duty of care to each of them.

You will learn step by step during the course I created how to start providing this service and how to recruit and train your best staff people who have a nursing background and those who only have live in and live out care experience. Each of the people you look after will have different needs and requirements, you learn more on the course.

This course is brilliant because you learn in your own time and start earning while you learn. The advantage you will have is that this course has ongoing coaching to help you make a good start of it. You can start providing this course independently as a sole trader, so you get comfortable with how the process works or you can start with a team of 3.   The course covers each process to make the whole process easy and painless.  So what’s not to try? If for any reason, you are not happy with the training program, you feel it’s not right for you, you get your money back within 28 days, no questions asked.  Full money back guarantee.

Why should you take this course with me?  I have more than 20 years in health care experience, having worked in both the NHS and Private sector. I worked as a specialist and general nurse, I also did elderly care and continue to train those who work in elderly care currently in the UK. You will benefit from my hands on experience and commitment to providing High Quality Care to the elderly and vulnerable in our communities.  I also provide support and mentoring to small business owners and online marketing programs.

Should you find this course is not for you, you can also join volunteer programs for the elderly in your community, work in charity shops as a volunteer and other fund-raising events. In the UK we have  help the aged, british heart foundation and more. Here is a list of charities in the UK now.

Course begins as soon as you register here.  A quick reminder of what you will learn:

How to research and find best locations for providing elderly care, Prevention of Falls, Medication, Dealing with grief and loss, Daily Planner, Diet and Nutrition and more. Practical realistic, created for the elderly by a nurse working with the elderly in the community.  Prices start at £126, register here.


You can also sign up here for the course and get started


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