Daily Planner for new job hunters, in a few easy steps.



You’ve been laid off, you decided to walk away from your job, a family event moves you into another city or country, and now you have to start over. For whatever reason, you’re looking for a different opportunity now. This same event can become a crises or it’s simply another opportunity to create your life be design. I see it this way, even if you don’t have as much experience in a new field, if you are willing to learn, there is no one who can stop your progress. If you are feeling positive, upbeat and determined to move forward just a little bit further, no one can stop you. It’s a liberating thought. So how do you plan your day now that you’re looking for  a brand new opportunity?

Take one whole day, to just explore your possibilities. We are each well suited in certain roles and find other jobs tedious no joy and not willing to commit. Take a whole Monday and use it as a day to have fun and get really creative.  You no longer have the restrictions of your last job and you are now about to make a whole new leap. This can be both fun and scary all at the same time. However if you are taking action however small, it conquers all your fears. Planning your day is a way to engage all of you into your new adventure, personally. It will protect you from sliding into  a sad state unable to get out. The temptation is to feel sorry for yourself.  Blessings come in disguise too sometimes. Let’s get to planning your day shall we?  Side note I had to learn to plan my own day when my work ended, and continue to do so and it makes life so much easier.  Let’s call it smart management of resources in this case(time).

Before we get on the daily planner here is a list of some of the most well paying jobs in the UK, you can choose to prepare for any of these, or if you don’t want the degree route here are some of the most well paying jobs without a degree, apart from starting your own business of course,  you can sign up to my coaching class here on starting your own business with little or no money this week.

  1. Rise and shine between 0400-0600. I could never rise that early for years I worked nights for the longest time. However after a couple of months of creating this new routine, it started happening spontaneously. Now my daughter always says ‘you always wake up early’.  Gets you in the zone before everyone else wakes up and distracts you.  In this time do your meditation, expecting the best from the day, speaking positive affirmations about your self. Play some upbeat motivational music along with your full body workout. Read your favourite inspirational and motivational read. Read about others who overcame similar difficulties.  This is the way to set the tone of the day. This is taking charge of  you before attempting to lead or instruct others. The best leaders, lead themselves first.
  2. 0600-0800 Get your favourite breakfast.  Plan your meals for this day. Don’t feel bad that you have to spend less than when you had a full-time job with a moderate to high income. Remember it is not for ever it’s only a change you’re going through and you will come out better and stronger.  Take two pieces of paper. First one write your strengths and second page write ‘Not so strong’  (room to become better) page.
  3. On your page of strengths, highlight that which you enjoy doing the most and that is the area of jobs you can continue working and become even better.  To focus on the areas you are not that strong defeats the purpose. You want to magnify your strengths to always feel empowered confident and well able to step into a new role.
  4. 0800-1000am     Go to www.indeed.com/ and look at the areas with job postings. Great list for hunting down your top 3 choices. Next go to the company web pages and study the culture of the company. Search for a YouTube video, look at reviews by other’s who worked there. Look for opportunities for promotion, more than the salary.
  5. Update your CV, you can get free and paid templates here, if you need any help just let me know here

10-1200am  Now that you’re in the best mindset for job hunting, start searching here Sign up to job alerts and check your emails 6 times a day. I know sounds a lot but that’s what determination is.  Decisive action.  Read the requirements thoroughly. If you’re not sure you can go ahead and apply, check again, confide in someone who knows you well, ask for recommendations. Set up a new profile on LinkedIn that shows of your strengths. Do you meet the requirements, can you adapt learn and match the standard expected?  It’s all about attitude and the willingness to learn new skills.  Get my free coaching class to a more confident you by signing up here.  If you want to work freelance, here is a guide to more than 70 websites to find freelance work local and international. Are you the creative tech kind and want to create apps websites software and more? Get your daily inspiration from Product Hunt and start your entrepreneurial journey here.

Afternoons are for lunch social self care networking starting a new hobby and creating your dream life. I like to call it exploring possibilities for you and your family.  Where would you like to live, what are the costs of living in that town or region, how much is travel to and from work, petrol costs, car maintenance, and joining a car share club, or taking the train. For example though London is quite costly to live in, you can live in the towns around London where housing is much cheaper.

Take another hour or two in the afternoon when you choose, to send CV’s adapted to that type of work.   Should you struggle to find your ideal job, do not be so hard on yourself and take a role that pays less , the important thing to remember is where you start is not where you will finish. You want to make momentum your best friend. Taking less pay can be a humbling experience, but helps us shift OUR view on who we really are. Are you the job you do, or are you much more than the role you play?  Sign up for regular career tips and work opportunities here.  Can you think of anything that can be added to this blog post? share your comments.



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