Unravel. Break free from toxic, relationships, do life on your terms in 2017.


I know that it’s hard to change anything doing the same thing. You must challenge your sanity,when you know he is not good for you but somehow you keep going back to him.  When you need someone to support you who is physically present but emotionally absent, it’s time to reconsider, you deserve better than that 1000 times more!

You see according to psychology attachment is stronger than love. When you’re attached to someone no matter what you do, you don’t love them and they don’t love you, but somehow in some weird sort of way you need each other.

The only way this stops or breaks is when one of you decides to break up the mess. Interestingly enough you don’t even have to be confrontational about it. For those of us who are shy or nice or struggle to speak up, you can do more damage by your nice quiet way of walking away. No one sees it coming. Especially the one who takes you for granted. They get the shock of their life.  You don’t have to transform into some animal just to get your point of view across, No! You can be a real lady about it, leave everything behind and take your elegant self out of there. You see the danger of unresolved anger leads to a whole lot of disease and sickness. But how Meg, you’re asking?

When relationships threaten a brilliant future for you, it’s time to reconsider. When the one’s you love do not consider your point of view, it’s time for a healthy relationship check.

I created this mentoring program UNRAVEL, for you that ‘needs’ to stay in a relationship that’s eroding your self-worth and value. This repeats itself as your own kids see how you allow yourself to be treated. Meaning you will have to be dealing with this for the rest of your life as it repeats itself in your own children.

I created this program to help women who struggle to break free of dysfunctional relationships, which could be with any kind of leader, sibling, parent, friends including close relationships. This program includes the Samson Woman. She’s as tough as nails, but falls for a Delilah man. The man who cuts her down to ‘size’ and slowly the Samson woman loses her strength.

Are you a Samson woman in public, but the Delilah man got you by a leash in private? Do you find yourself always checking for permission to do that which you know is good to do….UNRAVEL….Become, set yourself on a journey that is more than you thought possible. A way of thinking that is both exciting and frightening all at the same time. Because you dare to Unravel.

Give yourself the most amazing gift this year, UNRAVEL PROGRAM, personal development you cannot share with others, because it’s your story. I should really charge  way more than this, but I want to help and support more women who feel discouraged and the future seems bleak…..time to see the other side….I will guide you step by step. Time to see your way clear. Time to see your options. Time to see how much more you’re capable of…..UNRAVEL…your story unfolds.  Let’s go.


Your amazing journey begins at £349 Make your payment here

Over the next 90 days, rediscover your clarity and purpose, redefine your life on your terms….It’s taken more than 30 years of living to write this program, and if at any point at all, you find this is not for you, you get your money back in full no questions asked. YOU have nothing to lose…..See you on the other side


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