Lifestyle Design 7 ways to a simple life makeover

Change comes to all of us, ready or not and sometimes this change demands we change everything we know. This can be a challenge. Like finding out you’ve lived a lie is not pretty….Rather intense but for the purpose of this blog post we discuss simple changes like, creating part-time income selling on Ebay, amazon, etsy and your own shop. I have sold on all these three sites before and now taking it up another notch. I’m currently listing home products that make life just a little bit better. Like deciding you’re no longer going to spend hours cooking……few of us have the time to do that now. So I’m on  the hunt for products that save us tons of time in the kitchen and home like this must have Pressure Cooker.

smart pressure cooker, grab yours today.

However did you know there is a brand new version of pressure cookers? With no fuss, not as much noise, you can preset your meal including a whole chicken! I find that rather appealing.  For more of this I will be writing more about items I find that are just too good to miss out on, and highly recommend, if you know any please add this in the comments section for others who would love to make life just a little bit better.

This Smart Pressure Cooker is like the ever popular Instant Pot duo 7-in-one Pressure Cooker.  Both these pressure cookers demand we say goodbye to overflow of potatoes, and lingering smells that put off our appetite by the time you actually get to eat the food. I mean what’s that about already?

However do not take my word for it, you can test it out for yourself, better still grab one for a friend and they will forever be grateful for your smart idea. A perfect christmas present. This is an affiliate link and I will get commission for sharing these goodies I find and use and desire to use.  Anyhow here is the amazing smart pressure cooker on a new house and home website I’m building which is turning out to be rather interesting. There are other smarter web designers out there, nonetheless let me know how you like the Smart Pressure Cooker on here

So what are the seven simple ways to a life makeover:

  1. Declutter your kitchen. Get rid of anything you no longer use. If you can’t bear the thought of rummaging through and wasting time or getting distracted, hire a professional to help you with it.
  2. Cut back on your cooking time by hunting for appliances that save you time and money in the long run like this Smart Pressure Cooker I have already discussed above.
smart pressure cooker, grab yours today.

3. Hire someone to clean your home once a week.  Depending on your background you might feel as if you are being lazy, but you really don’t have the time to fit in everything that matters in your life if you do all the work.  Besides you are also helping someone find employment and  put food on the table.  An even better idea is let this person do other errands for you, that are within reason sensible, and pay them accordingly.

4. Spend quality time with the people that matter in your life. Enough said for now, an investment now pays off long term. Not to be simplistic but how many relationships would we save if we made the most of the relationships that we already have?

5. Start organising each room in your house to inspire you, you can always follow me on Pinterest, for more tips and ideas.

6. Go for a pampering session once a week or every two weeks. If that is too far out there, use these tools for personal care on a regular basis. Self care can never go to the back seat. Agreed ladies?

7. Take a different route to work as much as possible. Gets you to avoid driving to and back from work on autopilot. Using a different route keeps you alert and you can use the time to listen to some personal growth coaching tips as you please.

Any tip you can add to this list?



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