7 benefits of growing your own food.

A while back perhaps about this time last year I watched an interesting documentary on how you can grow your own food in the city, including shopping centres, city apartments and local schools. I watched with interest because it occurred to me, most of us would not consider growing our own vegetables, it just seems like a lot of work. Who wants to get your fingers dirty with mud! I can understand the feeling, except you can use gardening gloves, but you already knew that. So why grow your own?

According to the WHO, half of the world population will live in urban areas read by next year 2017. No kidding. We love the city because it seems that’s where life is really happening. But of course that is must a matter of taste and lifestyle choice. London for example has more than 10 million people. No other city in the whole of the United Kingdom comes even close. International companies attract those who want a higher income, which drives up housing prices and rentals. A room in London can easily for £1000 per month. You’ll be interested to know it’s only the 32nd largest city in the world. According to the latest statistics, Tokyo-Yokohama has the largest city in the world. City populations here for further reading. Apart from other challenges these large cities provide, quality food supply can be too expensive.
Check the prices of organic food here, or browse planet organic here consider whole food prices here. If you don’t have the budget for these places, growing your own food is a sensible choice. Just look at these benefits:


1. Therapeutic: Helps you unwind after a long day on your feet at work, or commuting to and from work in another city. Makes you appreciate nature much more and you don’t even have to go on a mountain expedition to do that.

2. You can have as much as you want to eat and feed the whole family. Straight from the garden to the table, fresh hand-picked with all the nutrients preserved. With your own vegetable growing kit, you can grow a variety of vegetables.

3. Grow your own super foods any time of year according to when is best to grow them.  For ideas on which types of super foods to consider growing, these on Amazon .  Growing your own food leads to more health and happiness. A study conducted in Australia found that most western diets contribute highly to anxiety and hypertension.

4. You can grow the type of food and vegetable that your health condition determines at will.

5. You can grow your own food all year round.  How do you know which food you can grow this time of year in the cold winters, easily start here.

6. Creates work and business opportunities supplying to local supermarkets.

7. Creates social networking opportunities and in some parts of the world, co-operatives and farming communities that support and help each other.

If you live in the countryside  you already have the tools and land to get started.

Can you add other benefits of growing your own food I have not listed here?







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