The best motivation is self motivation. How to really keep your New Year resolutions this year in 2017.


Negative habits are not easy to break. And yet it’s possible for all of us, to continue on the journey we start. No one gets off the train until they arrive at the intended destination. You want to scream ‘hey I paid to get to London/Tokyo/New York, no way are you dropping me off halfway. I know where I want to go. So whatever you set your mind to accomplish this year, having considered all the variables, costs of time health and resources, and how long it will really take you according to your current lifestyle, don’t stop until you accomplish it. In short this is now a part of your new lifestyle, there’s no going back.

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it. Henry David Thoreau.

According to Neuro-scientist and communication pathologist, Dr Caroline Leaf it takes about 63 days ( x3 cycles of 21 days) to actually establish a new habit or way of life. That does not sound like good news. We can do 21 days but 63!!!!  This is what I learnt from following and implementing her talks. 7 minutes of absolute focus each day, is life transforming. On a professional note, check out her program here and road test for yourself, 21 days to a brain detox.

Even if things are not going smoothly, when you SET your mind to accomplish something, you will get there not matter what hurdles you face along the way. She gives an example of working with a young lady who had severe brain damage. This young girl was an average student before the accident that led to her brain damage.  After going through her own brain training exercises, she managed to catch up with the other students and had become smarter than she was before the accident.

I see this in my own attempts, when I SET my mind I don’t even put a stop watch. Sometimes we end up looking forward to the stop watch just so when we know when this suffering will end. It works both ways if I have not set my mind about something after a while I forget about it and just think how come I did not achieve that?  Simple right?


If you are triple serious about achieving your goals this year I highly recommend Switch on your brain, the key to peak happiness, thinking and health. Lots of brilliant insight in how any of us can rewire our brains to achieve whatever we need to achieve. She is the first person I learnt that we are all brain surgeons able to rewire our brains aka europlasticity.  Coming from a health care background that was an eye opener for me. Scientists are finally accepting no matter what our genes are or family health background we can control the direction of our lives and health by choosing to wire in that which is helpful and healthy long-term.

So lets brain storm some ideas goals and achievements we would like to accomplish this year, I know Eleanor Roosevelt is known to have said ‘Do one thing daily that scares you’. Perhaps all we need is not stuff that scares us, but stuff that will enrich our lives than just going to work, getting back and repeating the whole process again, living for the weekend.  Next time you want to buy something expensive to ‘show’ your friends, think could this go towards my dream vacation in Japan?

Things to accomplish this year. Today we explore:

Enjoy the outdoors.  I thought camping was a waste of time. Growing up I spent lots of time outdoors. Now with working from home and living in the city. This is now on my to do list.  Not camping per se, but spending lots of time discovering nature in Zambia my second home.  Intentionally doing outdoor stuff with friends that’s adventurous, if you live in the UK, you got to see the Peak District, England’s best kept secret. But if you love camping here are my top picks of what I consider must have:

  1. Right off the bat cooking first Dutch oven for cooking and a Tripod Stand  Include wood burner gloves and you want to know just how many things you can cook with a dutch oven with this Recipe Book 101 things to do with a dutch oven.  You can find many other ideas on Youtube like this video here.  Use it for campfire cooking when you get back home too.
  2. Ideal for families and group  holidays this 10 berth tent is just ideal, more room and space for everyone. Looking for ideas on Amazon this has to be one of my top picks.  f5ab4b18-5af1-44e2-86ea-b59e80a3ad4d-jpg-_cb286397162_


3. Hiking and Trekking back-backs, these you can pick out according to your budget, just make sure your back is well supported and that you can carry everything you need for your exploring adventure.  Some choices here.

4. Lighting and candles. Just getting your way round when it’s dark.

5. Must have Handheld GPS Unit, the Garmin eTrex 10 This GPS is built to handle all types of extreme weather. It will gather information on where you are as a grid reference and then point you in the direction that you need to  go to reach your destination.

6. Finally your camping holiday is not complete without  sleeping gear with built in pillows(I want one now) like the one below, camping clothes, and camping kitchen accessories. Can you think of anything we can add to this list that I may have missed out?

51tr58haq2l-_sl1000_Other ways to enjoy the outdoors if you’re not into any of the above that you already know about according to what you feel most comfortable with are running cycling, swimming, walking in the countryside, golf, football, rugby.  But what are you really into that will make you feel like a champion when you accomplish it?



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