Dry air environments can lead to dry cough and dry skin among others. Not only a great gift but perfect for your own home. On the other hand damp conditions also promote bacterial growth in your living or working environment. So which one do you get? Subtly check the temperature of the home and leave a thermometer as a gift. Great for someone who is super busy and no time to check their home temperature. Humidifiers increase recommended moisture levels in the atmosphere, but you already know this, dehumidifiers on the other hand reduce the level of moisture in a  home office or work environment. To avoid health complications or know someone who lives in an area with high moisture levels or the air is too dry, the right equipment will improve their health. How do you know which one to get? Here are the recommended residential industrial and commercial conditions and which humidifier and dehumidifier you need to purchase. Go the extra mile and surprise a family or friend by doing your research. Have a more detailed look at which one to get here.

Perhaps you only want to get one for your own new home when you move house. Here are popular home dehumidifiers and thermometers.

  1. Pro Breeze 500ml Dehumidifier
  2. EcoAir DC12 Compact Easy to use about 12L extraction rate per day of moisture.
  3. Healthy living Thermometre
  4. Low Energy Dehumidifier  Meaco 20L
  5. Cool Mist Humidifier with 7 Color LED Lights For clean fresh air in your home office or work environment.


2. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Create a spa environment,  a restful sleep atmosphere for optimum sleep. Include vouchers for personal essential oils of choice. Highly recommend these essential oils.

3. Moon Candles with Timers, lasting from 4-8 hours. For a relaxing evening and dinner parties.  Take it a step further and get one for you a flameless indoor and outdoor candle set Remote controlled with timer. Perfect Timeless Gifts.


4. Delightful bathroom storage lace effect baskets. This you got to love, look great in bathrooms, but of course can be used in other rooms of choice.

5. Italian De’Longhi Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine For your coffee loving friends. I’m assuming you’ve checked that the coffee machine they have is out of date by now.  Nothing like an unwanted gift but being told to your face oh why thank you…yeah right!


6. Home grown Vegetable Kit.  For growing interesting vegetables in your own space even if you live in the city.  Imagine purple carrots, red brussel sprouts…not the type you normally see completely different colors.  Interesting project this should be for a new home owner.


7. Adventure Backpacks. For the adventurous type these backpacks will prove to be useful for years to come. Great gifts for those in the military, heavy duty and water-resistant 36 litres assault pack  Please note these straps are strong and durable will work for students who have to carry heavy textbooks around college campus.


8. Amazon Gift Cards!!  Perfect, you don’t have to wonder what on earth can I get racking your brains hoping the gift is useful. Gift cards up to £500. Place in a large box and voila you’re the favorite friend to invite to all the parties.

9.  Kindle Paperwhite leather case.  Close fitting to protect the kindle device, and comes in about 6 colors.

10.  Microfibre Lint Free Exel Super Cleaning Cloths  for Polishing washing waxing dusting and cleaning.

11. Waterwipes. You can actually get 20% OFF  now . These are the purest baby wipes that can be used for many other purposes especially for those with sensitive skin.


Can you think of any other great housewarming gifts I can add to this list?








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