55 Working from home opportunities and ideas in 2017, that you can start part time this weekend.

1.UK Flexible working Jobs now.  Want to get back into work? Are you in your late 40’s, over 50 plus, .are you a parent or carer looking for something a little different?  Here’s a list of jobs you can work from home part-time or flexible hours. According to the website Flexiworkforce here are current job openings.

2. Virtual Assistant.

Can you adapt your office admin skills and create a remote service to small business in your region? UK, USA, Canada, Asia, Africa? Wherever you are companies will need someone who can do admin tasks for them remotely. Get creative start asking check out companies in local directories. This should work in any part of the world. If you don’t have admin skills join online communities of Virtual Assistants, learn ask and start networking to get new business. Do all your background research in your area and online who are looking for virtual assistants.  Work out how much you will charge for your services according to your skill set and experience.  Check out now the www.societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk

3. Transcription Services

Do some typing work for established companies locally and around the world. Wanted in the UK now are typing contractors. More details here. You can also apply here for part-time Transcriber jobs here

4. Digital Marketing part-time or full-time. If you are ready and willing to learn how to do social media marketing, blogging, SEO, mobile marketing for business small to large, there’s a huge demand as shoppers take to online shopping more than ever. You will always have work, upgrade your social profiles now and get blogging. Better still get your free digital certification training with google here.

5. Work with Direct Sales Companies part-time. According to Direct Selling News, here’s a list of the best performing direct sales companies around the world.  Just don’t lose friends in the process learn how to create leads online and offline with a long-term goal. Run from any quick rich idea presentations.  From experience I found you must create multiple streams of income so when one is slow the other makes up for the gaps.  Here’s a list of direct sales or network marketing companies you can work with and learn business development skills.

6. Design websites for companies even if you have no coding and html experience. Weebly has a simple drag and drop interface that makes most of us able to create a simple website that can easily generate leads with consistent site management alongside a blog and newsletter. Design sites with not only weebly but including wix blue host. There are many others online but these are the three I’ve worked with and found easy to use.

7.  Writing Web Content and Product Descriptions. This content is highly targeted to its intended audience. For example writing product descriptions for fishermen, adventure seekers, boating enthusiasts, dating advice is different for each. You get the picture. Write high quality unique content for websites and Product descriptions for Ecommetce shops.

Imagine someone has the money to open an online shop on shopify, Magento and many others, you would do all the set up or hire someone on fiverr.com to help you. Here is fiverr.com to get started. Okay this is two in one but both are in the content marketing space. How you describe a company what it does and its best features, the problems they solve and services or products they provide this will set you apart when looking for new clients to get started.  Create engaging content for brands to increase visibility and generate leads which leads to more business for companies. Start with updating your twitter account.  Next start working on your branding to attract your ideal customers.

8. Social Media Community Manager

Love facebook, always checking for offers?  Set up these social media accounts now to show other companies that you know how to engage with others and can respond to online questions in a timely manner. You will also have to know how to deal with difficulties online by not responding in a negative but a positive and professional manner. Update your Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Linkedin, Snapchat, Twitter, Google plus and WordPress Accounts.  If you need any help with this just ask.

9. Writing ebooks.

Put your skills to the test start writing what you know and passionate about and including what you would like to learn about.  Create ebooks to sell directly to your followers or for other companies or ghost writing. Networking will get you business quickly.

10. Freelance Writer

Not all sites pay decent rates, you want to carefully pick out those that appreciate your effort and hard work. Here are sites that pay writers well.

11. Serviced Apartments.  Rent out block(s) of flats to let out as a suitable alternative to hotels in the city. You can hire a property manager to do the work for you or you can do it for yourself. Serviced apartments have the advantage of providing the convenience that hotels don’t  normally have. Such as check in our out times, home cooked meals, flexible bookings. Join Facebook groups doing Serviced Apartments. Learn ask investigate, you will make a tidy profit from these. There are many free courses you can also take. Let me know how you get on.

12. Live in Private/Live Out Home Care and Companionship for the Elderly/vulnerable.  This is where you provide non medical care and support to the elderly, partial/fully housebound, those recovering from hospital and those with limited mobility and a whole range of complex needs. I offer training to do this for the self-employed and those who want to start an agency.  You can include specialist nursing care when you add ex nurses or part-time nurses and health care assistants on your team, for which you can charge higher rates.

There are specialist requirements to do this but with the right guidance you can. Ask me here for more details and a coaching program I created to help you get started and start making up to £800 per week, with only you looking after one person at home.

13. Selling on Amazon and Ebay. From secondhand to brand new products,  declutter and get rid of things you no longer need or have not used in a year. To get you started. Though Amazon has restrictions on what you cannot sell, what you can sell is still a whole lot to make you an income.  There’s an exclusive group on Facebook already doing this to help you out.

14. Selling your arts and crafts This has to be one of my favourites. From dog houses, doll houses, mural wall art, designing luxury jewelery, water-color painting, handmade handbags and toiletries, glass painting and the list is endless. All you need before you start is check what’s popular and trending, then move into other creative pursuits.

15. Childminding You can do this all year round, helping busy professionals with their growing families.  Start in your neighbourhood while you study for something else. Multiple streams of income will always be a smart move.

16. Housekeeping for  busy professionals keep their homes and lives organised. You can charge extra for declutering, window cleaning, running personal errands, ironing cooking and even do some baby sitting as a whole package. Hire a small team to help you grow this service in your area. Depending on the area you live you can charge up to £20/hour

17. Tutoring  Start weekend and evening classes in your city. Music classes and classes you really love and are passionate about. Start advertising your classes on GumTree, Craigslist, including amazon. Create a private facebook group for your students.

18. Create Online Courses.  Though best to have your own platform, the easier way to start is by going where students are already learning. You can teach on Udemy, teachable and many similar others.  Why not write a book on your subject matter which becomes your business card?

19. Landscape design/Gardening.  Have green fingers? Help others do their gardens at rates that would support your new lifestyle. Get some young apprentice to learn from you and get some fresh air.

20. Delivery services. Work with established companies selling on eBay and amazon and do their deliveries. Just work out your costs to arrive at decent rates for your service. Agree on hours you are willing to work and hire a small team to help you grow your service. You can also start by working part-time with an established company like Amazon and more you can find here on Indeed.com 

21 Grant Writing.  Good with words? Can you convince and convert with your writing? Are you a post-graduate student ? Are you a PhD student? Write compelling grants for charities and organisations that need funding. Example of work for a grant writer helping organisations acquire much-needed funding. 

22.. Coaching  Become a coach according to your expertise and passion. Are you a patient listener? Help others organize their lives, health, business, career and projects because you’re a great listener, non-judgemental and professional. Help others achieve their highest goals.


23.  Voice Over Artist. Do you have a unique voice? Can you get a voice coach and start doing voice overs for ads and more. Go here for examples of professional voice overs. Who knew just talking can get you well-paying jobs. You will need determination and confidence. Here’s a link to hear professional voice over artists.

24. Personal Trainer. Have a thing for fitness? Help patients who need to recover from some injuries, .  You can also help others achieve their fitness goals.

25. Private Investigator. I was doing some research for a short story and the life of a private investigator is quite interesting.

26. Internet Research Services.Here’s a list of real companies that will pay you to do research work online for them. Note established well paid writers are always looking for good research done for them to complete their own projects.

27. Growing fruits and vegetables in your own backyard.  Sell these to the local produce markets, farmers markets and communities. You will also save £££ on your own fruit and vegetables every week.  Starter kits here.

28. Sewing cushions bedding curtains bags shopping carry alls list is endless. Then sell  them on in your own shop on Shopify, Amazon, Etsy and Ebay.  Some ideas and tips here to grow your own home based business on my Pinterest Board here.

29. Doing online surveys. Not all sites are worth your time especially any that ask you for payment upfront. Don’t even waste your time with them. Here are a few I recommend, I used one a while back and got paid a £20, for doing next to nothing

Inbox pounds


Panel Base


Nielsen online Panel

30. Dog walking  House Sitting and Companionship. Combine your services into one package and charge higher rates especially in the cities and when working professionals need to take holidays which happens all year round.  The beauty of this is  you get the exercise and it is not too much strain on you.  Include other small tasks you can identify the dog owner may need help with, get creative and meet lots of other people doing the same thing.

31. Organizing events and charging a fee for it. Family and corporate events. Plan ahead the amount of time you are willing to invest to do this, to avoid getting too much work and little time to get it done.

32. Love cooking? Endless list of items you can make and sell at local events in your area. Take it a step further and help families plan delicious meals all from the comfort of your own home.  Start a vlog class teaching others to cook some unknown recipes and get paid for advertising space on Youtube. Include your own recipes and cooking tips hacks anything to just get us fall in love with cooking again. Yum Yum. Get us cooking at home please.


33. Beauty business  Get your training at any one of these beauty schools in the UK, check in the country where you live where you can get your training done. From nails to feet and body treatments, you have lots of choice. Clients can come to your site or you can go to clients homes according to your preferred method of working. Training here.

34. Photography.  Sell unusual images from street photography to landscapes and your travel and daily commute.  These will help you create a following on Pinterest, Instagram, Google plus communities, tumblr, flickr and more. Here is a list of sites that will pay up to $100 for your quality photos.

35. SEO specialist Pay Per Click Ads, Writing autoresponders for online companies Copywriting for business. Get some free and paid training here, I will add other companies you can learn and train with on the nexr update. Start with this company now.

36. Get paid to test websites and get paid to make services and other products better, you can sign up here. You can earn up to $50 for your time. Sign up here

37. Home Staging. Get a house ready for sale now.  Most homes will not sell among other reasons because  the look and feel of their home discourages people from buying. Help these home sellers move on by staging their home ready for sale.

38. Property sourcing.  Start with this brilliant group to learn how you can get started, I joined one of their facebook groups, quite comprehensive and supportive network. Create a list of property investors from networking events offline and online and take note of what they really want in a property. Learn the tricks of the trade and capture a decent fee for all your hard work.

39. Blogging. Create a niche blog to attract readers and give them what they need on a regular basis. Make sure it’s a topic(s) you are passionate about and can sustain when you feel bored otherwise you will give up like many bloggers do.


40. Vlogging. Earn advertising income from your videos product reviews online tutorials. Here’s Forbes guide on Youtube stars making a fortune who knows you might get to doing what these stars are already doing.

41. Creating your own products to sell including services via well-known sites with ready traffic now like Amazon www.amazon.com, Ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk, Etsy www.etsy.com/

42. Flipping Websites. Design websites for local business and sell them on. Flippa.com

43.  Night worker or prefer to work more flexible hours?  Here’s a list of 21 Flexible Night or early morning jobs you can do for decent pay.

44.  Sell second-hand books. Not that you might want to become the next amazon but here’s an easy way to get started from Skint Dad

45. Create a directory and sell advertising space. You know Craig’s list right? Do something similar, an easy directory. Give it time to grow. Create Top 100 etc.

46. Proof reading jobs. You can do this from anywhere in the world. Learn and upgrade your current skill set and work the hours you want. Now you an even find tools that help you with your grammar like Grammarly. Here’s a list of proofreading jobs online.

47. Graphic Designer Endless possibilities from helping business owners create their personal and corporate brand to creating online portfolios, digital products and more.

48.  Membership sites. Put your knowledge to great use by offering a membership plan for your current and new members. Gives you reliable income. Examples of membership sites are

49.  Online Business Opportunity hunter. I got this in my email list today have a look and see how you can create income online just by doing something completely different

50. Organize learning and social events for the over 50’s and the elderly. Find a venue where this age group can learn languages, music, art, cooking classes, world history and charge a membership fee. It’s great fun for those who feel isolated or live far from their own family. I knew one of my patients in health care who would learn two languages a week at age 91, totally inspiring.  Helps reduce loneliness too in the elderly and vulnerable in our communities.

51.  Investing in local projects.  Seek specialist advice and start investing in projects you care about from movies, real estate, currencies and small business. The choice is yours.

52. Travel Writer. This has to be one of those dream jobs. Get paid to travel and earn an income at the same time. Here’s one travel writer’s personal experience on finding travel writing jobs. Get your travel gear here.


53. Online services Start here to gain experience and feedback. Great to build your confidence and knowing how to work with different expectations. Other sites you can check out are  People per hour,  and others like Upwork

54. Sell what you know and things you no longer need. Might seem like a repetition of others I’ve listed  earlier but this one right here is your one stop shop list so to say. Help others do the same and offer online classes on how you  do it for free (one of the top ways to start getting traffic for your blog or website. Here’s a guide to sites you can sell tons of stuff ideas products and services.

55. Start writing short stories for kindle, self publishing has come  a long way. Create your writing page to grow a community of fans. Get your Twitter account up to date, who knows you might just hit the best seller lists if you stick with it. Who are your favourite authors? Study their writing skills and adapt to fit your own writing. Looking forward to your book series. Some writing tools to get you started on your author journey…

How to write a Children’s Picture book and get published

Kindle reads that will inspire your own writing  The Girl on the  Train

Behind closed Doors 

I will soon dedicate a seperate post on paid writing opportunities soon/  I have only scratched the surface on this final list but in the meantime get started here.

Freedom with writing

Authors Publish Wealth of resources at your fingertips to get published now.


Can you think of other sites you have used with real work from home jobs and opportunities? Please add them to this list to help other reader’s out.

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©Betterlivesnow   MegWashanga  London UK  All sources cited in article links.  Any questions please email me at pearls9diamonds@gmail.com



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