7 easy ways to launch and build a new business in 2017.

Psychologist Albert Bandura defines self efficacy as the  belief that a person can accomplish what they out to do, and helps those in later life to develop resilience (paraphrased).  Spiritual laws tell us what you give out comes back to you. So if you don’t feel capable it’s hard to continue, giving up is easier. What if I told you, it’s never too late to start a new business? This is not comparison if she could you can, no. Rather a discussion on rediscovering what you would love to do, now that you’re in this life stage.

I mention the above just to say working our own mindset first, is the game changer. It does not matter what did not work out in the past, starting over is possible, understanding that learning and applying consistently is all that it takes to step into a new adventure.  It’s possible to learn how to do start and launch a new business venture in your 40’s 50’s 60’s 70’s and 80’s. Read about this first time entrepreneur at a youthful 88 years of age.

Here’s why it might be hard to continue follow through and do well. Whatever does not align with your personal values. This has been a game changer for me and so I started coaching. To help others navigate the life change and overcome obstacles. In coaching I found that, not knowing what does not feel true to you is hard to sustain long-term. Sometimes you have to cut your loses and begin again.  Have you ever wondered why it’s hard to walk away from a career that no longer serves you, just to pay your bills? What about starting a business part-time till you feel ready to go all out? So here are 7 ways to launch a new business in your late 40’s and beyond.

1. Write down all the things you’re good at. Love working with kids? Parenting classes workshops seminars youth programs and more. Love exercise create a program you can sell. Healthcare background? Artistic background? Start with what you already know you can move to something else later if you like, why not?. In my coaching program, I support you how to create a business out of what you’re good at and more importantly enjoy doing.  It’s quite easy.

2. Develop the listening habit. When you’re having conversation listen more than speak, you’ll be shocked at how many problems you will identify that you can start solving because you care. Resist the urge to reply with a quick solution. What can you charge for the problems you are now going to solve? Your fees have a place we cover that in my coaching program.

3. Start your day motivated,  with motivations that inspire you. Listen to your favorite speakers to get you going.

4. Start looking for problems in your community. Literally. Take it step by step, brainstorm. If you decide to help solve a company’s staffing problems, start with local small business. Opportunities abound right where you are including previous connections and colleagues.

5. Set up your Linkedin account, Instagram, Pinterest, join Facebook Groups according to your interests and build your wordpress blog here.

6. Start answering questions on Quora. No limits to business ideas on there.

7. Start a blog on anything you’re passionate about. Blog once or twice a week according to your choice, you don’t need to get overwhelmed with social media which can be time-wasting. Unless you’re becoming a social media manager, even that has a smart strategy to avoid the stress.

Anything you could add to this list? I have only scratched the surface. Let me know what you think, helps to write better content.

Further reading; Resilience in later life. 

Stop selling Products Do this instead.

Are you going through a life transition and need support to launch into a new direction? Perhaps the kids have left home, perhaps it’s just life. f you want to know more do get in touch today. I’m creating a coaching program for those going through later life transition, how to be clear about where you want to get to starting today by taking action now. I will send you a personal questionnaire to identify where you want to go. My part is to show you the way to get there the easy not so stressful way.






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