Are you eating to live better? Start your health and wellness journey the simple & easy way today.

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I was thinking of late, that eating well is one of those inevitable things to enjoying my life. You feel better, stronger, more clarity and just the energy you get when you wake up Getting out of bed in the morning with that Hello World feeling…..

Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted that our body can handle just about anything. To a point.  So I have now included fasting in my every day life. Fasting is really easy and life changing and can help you to develop mental strength and clarity too from a spiritual point of view.  I will start with fasting because to rest the digestive system this is the simplest way to begin.  I am taking this journey, with a single step. I will write about what I’m learning and want to implement in my own life. I will post about a water fast today.  Please make sure to check with your doctor if you have any medical conditions that limits the kind of fast you can or cannot do.  Those of you who want to fast for spiritual reasons, your faith journey, you can fast something you really like doing. Here are little known ways to fast for spiritual reasons:

  1. Pray throughout your fast with silence. Studying the word of God, and just feeding spiritually to nourish your spirit.
  2. Replace your favorite TV show with writing to someone who needs encouragement
  3. Visit someone who needs a bit of help around the house but cannot afford to pay a housekeeper.
  4. Do something unusual that you would not normally do. Start a new health and wellness life coaching program or start your own home based business and choose to stick with it, starting simply with easy steps, you can get your free coaching discovery session here.
  5. Give up something you really like to do and replace with a habit you would like to develop for example organize your day the night before, instead of just seeing what happens in the day.
  6. Give up processed food completely, your body and entire system will love you for it.
  7. Read or listen or watch something inspirational.

How then do you begin a water fast?  Drink adequate amounts of water throughout the day. Since you will be avoiding food, fast for half a day to begin with. That helps to prepare your body for the sudden change.  Here is the simple process I follow when I go on a water fast most times.


Day one:

Early morning:  Glass of water. Check up on the long-term health benefits of drinking water here. Read or listen to an inspirational video, book or podcast.

Routine exercise.  One of my favorite is Taebo with BillyBanks. Pick the one according to your exercise and weight management goals. Keep at it for 21 days. Then 63 days to establish your new routine.

Drink as much water as you need because of your exercise routine.

Mid morning.  Glass of water.

Read on a topic you want to learn on a new skill-set or hobby or habit you want to develop. It’s all up to you.

Lunch time

Glass of water and favorite soup Juicing your fruit &  vegetables is a brilliant energy boost.  Pick up a choice of juicers here from Amazon delivered straight to your door.

Want some quick ideas and juicing recipes?  Have a quick look here  keep it simple every time.

Mid afternoon

Glass of water and your favorite drink

Dinner time

Your meal of the day. According to your meal planner. Here is a guide to great easy meals according to your weight loss goals. 200 Slow Cooker Recipes.

Learn about fasting especially if you’re struggling with diabetes here. Real simple.

Further reading

The Obesity Code. Unlocking secrets to weight loss 

How much water should you be drinking per day?  Authority Nutrition.

200 Slow Cooker Recipes.  All Color Cookbook

Antiaging benefits of fasting and living with diabetes with Dr Jason Fung.


Do you have any insights you can add to this?




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