21 Surprisingly easy ways to explode your service business adventure online working with social media for 30 minutes every single day regardless no matter what without fail.


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Who really has time to waste on social media?  Not if we have a specific goal in mind. Social media is a brilliant platform(s) for building virtual to real-time business connections, a business growth strategy like yesterday. Meaning, do not leave it too late. Otherwise you waste money on last-minute efforts, in a panic, when it could all be easy to do step by step, a little here, a little there.

Grow your brand alongside your social media efforts. This post then is for you and me the goal setters. We like to catch up with friends and family especially if they live far away from us across the globe, every now and again sure, and we want to catch up on the latest news. But somehow when all you wanted was to wish an old friend happy birthday, you find yourself looking at funny pictures and 8 hours later it’s like where did the time go?  So let’s nip this in the bud and just go straight into it.  Take a few days to think about all this then, execute without fail. Remember my tag line.

Brand + Engagement  = Undeniable Growth.

Scan this list and pick out a few to work on every day. Test Readjust. Keep going Stay on track. That’s it. 90 days straight. One more thing Social Media is simply about SEED TIME HARVEST.  Give a little every day and the results will speak for themselves.  Jim Rohn one of my top Inspirational speakers said it this way.

A week of neglect will cost you a year of repairs.  Jim Rohn.

Do one of these each and every day without fail. Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Podcast, Educational Marketing, Blog,  That’s too general you say? Right. let’s sign you up for my coaching class and let’s get into specifics for your business adventure.

Let’s get to it.

1. Choose a color for your brand.  Stick with it in all your marketing across the board. Get some promotional giveaways with your colors. Here are some ideas from one of my  growing fun art shops online . Customize anything you want.  Start with sunglasses. I can also do made to order just for you.

Live and breathe the real you. Confidently. Do life well. Be You. Listen up,  your brand represents the real you, not the hobbies you are still figuring out, no. Your Brand is that professional respectable  equity and more that you and your team are building. If you have many interests like most of us do, your priority online is your professional brand. If you also love fashion and make up why not create a brand out of it? That should be fun, doing what you love right? Well most times not every time. Why? There will always be someone who does not like the real you and how you do what you do. Let’s move past that.  There are more than enough customers who work and think like you do, don’t sweat it. It’s pointless trying to convert those who will not ‘hear your voice’. More on creating your story brand during my group coaching classes.

Your approach to your social media strategy depends on where you and your business are. Do you want to a more fans to your pages, do you want to get more conversions now, do you want to attract another income revenue to your brand. Don’t pay for fans or followers you can do all that for free. What are your objectives?

Stay with your color choice, start with Canva to design your own graphics. once a week update your header images keeping in line with your brand color. If you want to do a makeover, need to refresh your brand image to reflect your new products and services go for it.

2. Engagement. Daily. Without Fail. Write Lists. Interesting posts and news. Be front of mind in your customer’s mind. It will take more than three times to remember you. Be right in front of your ideal audience every time. If you want to be remembered by luxury brand fans, be present active and helpful in those communities. Comment to what others say. Be genuine.  Hire a passionate people person to help you do this, you can easily find these on any social media platform. They state ‘building my portfolio’. Study them. Connect. If you are struggling to manage your time feel a bit overwhelmed, get on my coaching program, it will save you hours literally. I’m your non text-book kind of coach, but the value will be priceless.  Get on board today beulahcoaching.com

Here’s a list of  Influencers in Social Media you would want to follow now, that I have followed and have proven consistent over time, list not exhaustive please bear in mind, only a few,  and not in ranking, you can get a longer report at the end of this segment from another brand working in social media.

Pat Flynn   https://twitter.com/PatFlynn

Micheal Hyatt   https://twitter.com/MichaelHyatt

Charlene Johnson https://twitter.com/ChaleneJohnson

Pam Moore https://twitter.com/PamMktgNut

Jeff Bullas https://twitter.com/jeffbullas

Buffer https://twitter.com/buffer

Would like to do my own list soon using various metrics but I have a real treat for you here. Get your hands on this Top 100 Influencers in Social Media. Report based on 2 million Mentions to help you figure out who you could work with now or later.

“2 Million Mentions Analyzed: How We Created the Top 100 Influencers Report” by @brand24 https://medium.com/@brand24/2-million-mentions-analyzed-how-we-created-the-top-100-influencers-report-97b542087810

3. Stay clear of arguments with strangers or discussion with a total stranger that become  personal. Diffuse it. You cannot take stuff personally.  Case in point recently, airline had some viral news that was not pleasant.  A smaller company might not recover, that could be you.  You want to avoid that. Leads me onto the very next point:

4.  Protect your online presence. Have more than one account across Social Media. Should one get accessed by some weird stranger, you already have back up to keep you going. Have accounts that provide complementary services same colors across the board but perhaps don’t show you as the representative. These are Feature Accounts where you feature other companies and brands similar to yours. Ask me how this helps you long-term. I can do your social media management tailored to fit just what you need. If you only need Twitter management that would still work quite well.

5. Understand the hashtags or keywords that work to attract and retain your ideal prospects. Test Test. Daily. Adjust accordingly. Bonus adds here: Instagram must know Hashtagify.me for example.

6. Engage in Live chats.  Real Time.  Get on Twitter #chats using hashtags to search current and planned. Or you could just start one.

7. Real Time monitoring of your brand. Mentions. Debates. Respond appropriately. Here are some tools to help you do that like a pro.  The guys at buffer do a great job in keeping us up to date, here are the 20 best new Social Media tools to work with in 2017.

8. Hire a freelance Social Media Manager to monitor trends in your industry. Hire the ones with world changer mindset. Something about working with someone who wants to change the world even if you might not. Their passion is contagious.  I can help you grow your brand on Instagram, find me here. 

9. Keep your strategy and systems up to date.  Use free tools to get you started. Similar to tools you need to be using in social media in 2017 that will save you time and money.

Here are free tools to help you with your social media strategy.

10. Plan your week and month a few days ahead of time.  SCHEDULE into your diary. The day before is good but weeks before is smarter, keeps you on track. Do you feel time challenged? You’re not the only one, keep reading.

12. Automate a higher percentage of your social media efforts. Schedule your posts ahead of time using sites like Buffer hootsuite later tailwind and  more  Check in to talk to prospects and fans live, and by responding to comments.  Instagram is brilliant for this For example. Post a sharable image and within seconds you have interaction. I know it can be vanity metrics doesn’t do much for your overall strategy but it’s a great start as long as that is not all you do. Watching how many likes and comments. Move past that to follow the trail. Follow up. Create lead magnets. Talk to real people in real-time. Proves you are human after all.

13. Engage in meaningful conversations online.  You can start these on sites like Quora Reddit and your main blog platform like this one here on WordPress or website hosted on your chosen platform or tumblr. Give yourself a few minutes just to respond to comments every day. If not assign someone freelance.

14. This is huge. Post a short video every single day. Here’s an example of how and why. Note the engagement It will be the same for you, goes through the roof.

15. Create your content Calender. Blog. Share. Put your headlines through Headline Analyzer. Though not a perfect science, you stand a better chance learning and understanding why people follow through with your posts. Note B2B blogging though demands of you an entirely different approach.  Get my free Newsletter for tips and ongoing classes.

16. Stay away from checking emails and social media. Use time blocking or Productivity apps  to keep you on track.

17. Make a personal commitment to yourself to take on and keep this challenge for 90 days straight. Struggle to get going, just email me and make yourself accountable to your goals and personal progress.

19. Adjust your strategy replace with what’s working now.

20. Follow inspirational videos and blogs before you start working. Choose your mentors wisely.

21. Influencer marketing.  Easily search Top Influencers in …x Industry.

Do not be in a hurry. Better to be well prepared right off at the start to reap huge rewards later. If you have no clue what to do, start building your own portfolio on social media now. Create Facebook pages to gain more confidence. Network where your ideal prospects hang out. Offer to help according to your skill set. Volunteer to help a charity or business with their social media marketing Offer a discounted rate knowing your ideal rate will be higher after about 30 days. Look for local companies that need help and offer your service freelance.  Social media from LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus Communities, WordPress and Tumblr Blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and more, they each have a different approach. Each of them is about your active presence and becoming a recognisable brand online and via regular newsletters.

For more help with branding and Engagement online to accelerate your business growth find me on my main coaching site here:


I do online training at any one time by email, live workshops, seminars, group coaching or writing. Available are  three time slots for each day. Each class is crafted for that audience and only announced  a few times each week. Get in early to secure your space.

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Do you have any quick juicy easy ways to grow your business online, would love to hear from you and will be helpful to our readers.



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