7  Ways to grow your business on Pinterest starting this weekend.

  1. Create your Visibility Action Plan(VAP). Like a road map, knowing where you want to be will encourage you when it gets tough to continue. Knowing how to measure your results then, is important so you’re watching your resources carefully. Leave your email address here for your free VAP (Visibility Action Plan).

    2. Register on Pinterest as  a business. If you’re not quite ready, sign up for a free account and test it out for yourself. You’re welcome to follow my account as I build it here.


3. Use a scheduling tool to save you tons of time like these:

TAILWIND  Brilliant to set up which pins you want to post to increase your brand awareness and attract the right leads to your business. I mean that’s the whole point right?  It takes a bit of learning not to only sell online but to work on connecting with people.  Avoid posting only what you have, include complimentary quotes, inspirational ideas, things you like and stories about your brand.. Here’s a brilliant post I recommend in using Tailwind to grow traffic 

BOARDBOOSTER.  Similar to Tailwind above, you only need to set and forget and you have your pins scheduled up to two weeks. It really does take that kind of commitment. The rewards will speak for themselves though if you can schedule, set and forget. Of late am working on making my own pins a bit more on schedule I neglected them a while back, but working on making them even better now.  Here’s more on which one you should use to grow your Pinterest account.

4. Check Analytics on a regular basis, weekly to monitor your progress. This gives you a more detailed look at how effective your postings are and tells you if you are reaching the right people or not.  Take a look at my Pinterest Analytics overview in progress.

5. Share your blog posts or curated content on Pinterest from your other social media posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, YouTube and or LinkedIn, depending on the social media channels that is likely to be more effective for your type of service or products.

6. Use Pinterest Ads according to your budget.

7. Connect with other Pinners……like seed you will see your efforts rewarded as people get to know you and what you’re about.

Here are some Pinterest accounts you need to follow.